Five Fingers in Santorini, Greece

Why did you wear these shoes? I knew this beach would be rocky, so I came prepared. Where is the best place these shoes have been? Definitely right here! The Red Beach is breathtaking. Where is the worst place these shoes have been? My backpack. They need freedom to explore so I’m glad to have them on this beautiful earth. Location: The Red Beach in … Continue reading Five Fingers in Santorini, Greece

Backpacking and Freight trains

What are you guys doing? Just backpacking, hitchhiking, and catching freight trains through the states. Where did you come from? We were last in Baltimore. Where are you going? Pittsburgh. Where is the most exciting place these shoes have been together? We got on our first freight train the other day. Occupation: Panhandlers Location: Philadelphia Continue reading Backpacking and Freight trains